Monday, April 12, 2021

Bartos Slams Plan To House Migrants In Erie

In response to breaking news that Erie, PA would be housing over 150 children detained at the southern border, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Jeff Bartos released the following statement

“Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer campaigned for months on open borders, empowering lawless sanctuary cities, and sending stimulus checks to illegal immigrants, all of which sent the message that it was not only OK, but encouraged to come to our country illegally,” said Bartos, “Chuck Schumer's dangerously leftist ideology and Joe Biden's complete lack of leadership caused a crisis at our southern border. And now Biden and Schumer are demanding that Pennsylvania taxpayers step in and help fix their failures.” 

"And to make matters worse, the Wolf Administration is more concerned with helping their liberal allies in D.C. than they are with helping working families in Pennsylvania," continued Bartos, "This is unacceptable. Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer created this crisis, and the solution cannot be to force Pennsylvania taxpayers to bail them out."

"This just goes to underscore how important it is for Republicans to take back the Senate," concluded Bartos, "The distinction could not be more clear: every single Democrat running for this seat will continue pushing dangerous open-border policies that will exacerbate the humanitarian crisis at the border. I'll put an end to them once and for all."

Born and raised in Berks County, Jeff Bartos has been a Pennsylvania resident his entire life. Bartos is a small business owner and real estate developer active in the Greater Philadelphia market. Jeff and his wife, Sheryl, have two daughters, Emily and Sarah. Jeff was the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor in 2018, and served as the Board Chair of the Pennsylvania 30 Day Fund, a non-profit saving small businesses in Pennsylvania, until February of 2021. To learn more about Jeff and his campaign for U.S. Senate, please visit

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