Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Fashion: Look At The MEN's Department Now!

If you're browsing the men's department of your favorite store this spring you might be in for a big surprise. In fact, it might turn out to be such a shock that you might for a moment that you're in the women's department rather than the men's.
Because you'll find new men's apparel in floral prints; bright, vivd, bold colors and delicate patterns adorned with feminine touches. And we're not talking a stroll through an edgy boutique here -- we're talking the main floor of a mass marketer like Macy's, in a suburban mall, which is where we found these.
After a dark, grey year of COVID it seems the fashion industry is determined to push men into prissy patterns and eye-catching hues. Sure, men have been wearing colorful, whimsical, patterned socks for quite some time now. But that's just a bit of fun accessorizing. This is much more expansive and it's even extending into men's footwear which is increasingly multi-colored.
And while men may have naturally sported brighter solids and bold stripes come summer, we think you'll agree that what's happening now is a step way beyond all that.
Call it gender blending or gender bending or androgynous, if you will. It just all seems to be part of the movement away from just two distinct genders and onto . . . what? Well, we're not entirely sure!

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