Monday, May 17, 2021

A Courageous Judge; A Remarkable Candidate!


Judge Patrick’s conservative record and compelling story make her the Republican candidate liberal Democrats fear the most.


I am Paula Patrick, presiding Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia and it is my honor to run for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

My passion for the rule of law runs deep and I am committed to obeying and defending the Constitutions of Pennsylvania and the United States. I refuse to legislate from the bench and am committed to utilizing my skills to help others while working to bring justice to all citizens of Pennsylvania with the highest integrity.

Reasonable jurisprudence will only return when judges who respect the rule of law are placed on the bench. I am prepared from day one to become a Justice for all Pennsylvanians driven by our shared values and the commitment to serve.

Our party must act aggressively to retain a conservative voice on the Supreme Court. It is essential that we win this seat in November and to do so we must nominate a dynamic conservative candidate that can appeal to voters outside of our traditional base. I am the most qualified and best positioned Republican candidate to be successful in the General Election.

I will be the first step in returning the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to the foundation of Constitutional first principles that Pennsylvanians expect.

Judge Paula Patrick


Endorsed by the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation PAC

“Highly Recommended” by the Pennsylvania Bar Association
to serve on the PA Supreme Court

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