Friday, May 21, 2021

Testa: Murphy To Blame For This Heinous Crime!

A convicted criminal released early from prison during the pandemic has been charged with killing two people at a birthday party, and New Jersey State Senator Michael Testa said Governor Murphy’s bears the blame for his irresponsible COVID strategy.

Senator Michael Testa said Governor Murphy’s irresponsible COVID strategy bears the blame for the release of a convicted criminal charged with killing two people at a birthday party. (Flickr)

“The Governor has blood on his hands again,” said Testa (R-1). “Murphy’s handling of the COVID era has been an unmitigated sham. We warned the administration last year that releasing massive amounts of prisoners during a global pandemic would endanger the safety of New Jersey residents. Sadly, this tragic killing proves our point.

“The killer should have remained locked up where he couldn’t hurt anybody, but Murphy chose to open up the cells and let criminals go free,” continued Testa. “It was a recipe for disaster, and everybody knew it except the Governor and his team.”

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