Monday, March 23, 2009

Becoming An Embarrassment

From Kevin McCullough at
When 84% of the American people, according to the AOL Hot Seat weekend poll, think a joke you cracked on late night television was either tone-deaf/insensitive or worse yet flat-out offensive then you might think you have problems. (Heh who are we kidding? You do! You do!)
Just because Britain's largest daily newspaper has a top ten gaffe reel assembled, and online before your presidency is barely 60 days old, you might believe that you're the laughingstock of serious members of the world community of leaders. (Again, likely, you're right.)
And when you take the time to address an Islamic Republic via YouTube (after they had been burning you in effigy for weeks) with a plea to come to the table of intellects and have a philosophical wine and cheese night about how the world looks in your unicorn-excretion of utopia, but can still hear the ripple of laughter from Tehran five days later, you might even wonder if you deserve it. (Again, batting a thousand on this one champ!)
Now if these elements composed the entire universe of faux pas committed in your time in office then you might even be able to withstand them.
But if these embarrassments followed things like giving the Prime Minister of Britain twenty-five DVD's that were not even compatible with European media players, or accepting priceless gifts from fellow heads of state that were made out of the very historical relics that loosed the chains holding freedom from people like you from being able to achieve your dreams, then it just begin to looks tacky.
But the truth is Mr. President you're not tacky.
You're cheap. Selfish. You bathe in arrogance. And your words sans teleprompter are cruel, cutting, and more times than not confusing.
I personally have received e-mail, tweets, and MySpace/facebook messages from hundreds of parents in the past 48 hours since you ridiculed retarded kids, some of whom could easily whoop you in any number of sports. For you to do it only the day before World Down's Syndrome Day is an even nicer touch. I've heard from families who have down syndrome children, one family that had three, a number of messages from families that just identified their children as challenged or disabled, and some who told me that their child's diagnosis--like my own son--was one of mental or physical retardation.
Do you know what that is Mr. President?
Literally it means "slow." You know that word right? Sort of identical to the way your economic recovery plan is working.

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