Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dogs Love Dirty Toys

From Flash News:
The way to a dog’s heart is through a dirty, stinky, worn-out toy.
Cheryl Katz is the co-author of Dirty Bow Wow: A Tribute To Dogs And The Objects Of Their Affection (Ten Speed Press), a book about pups and their favorite toys, which hits stands this April.
According to Katz, a dog’s tie to their favorite toy is much like a child’s bond with their blankie.
Pooches are at their happiest when they’re chewing on their threadbare toys and don’t care how old or stinky their preferred plaything gets.
Although “dirty bow wows” like ratty ropes, balls, and stuffed animals are common with pups, some get comfort from stranger things.
Katz met a Toy Poodle who can’t go anywhere without a little pink purse, an Irish Terrier with an affinity for paper towels, and a French Bulldog who loves playing with empty water bottles and twisting the caps off.
Katz says most dogs go to town on their toys, which is why they’re often frayed and mended.

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