Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vote In Our Poll!

Our latest poll has already set a record for responses but we won't be satisfied until we hear from you! And there is only one more day to vote, so hurry!
We're asking: Who will be the first Obama aide to depart the Administration?
Who will go first?
The first to go may leave either voluntarily of through some misfortune.
He or she may resign or may be kicked out or forced out.
That doesn't matter to us.
Will it be Press Secretary Gibbs? Will is be one of Obama's chief confidantes - Jarret, Axelrod or Emanuel?
Maybe it will be Hillary Clinton or Timothy Geithner or Larry Summers?
They are all in the eye of the storm.
But you can only pick one.
Who will it be?
Vote in our poll at the top right corner of this page.
Don't delay. Vote now!

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