Friday, March 27, 2009

Notre Dame Protest Mounts

Anger is building over Notre Dame University's outrageous decision to invite pro-abortion President Barack Obama to speak at its upcoming commencement and to receive an honorary degree.
The anger is entirely justified.
Thousands of letters and phone calls have been pouring into the University protesting this morally wrong-headed decision. Alumni are particularly outraged.
They have a right to be.
Also, it should surprise no one that the university has received sharply worded letters from two bishops. Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of the Phoenix Diocese on Wednesday called Obama's selection a "public act of disobedience" and "a grave mistake." On Tuesday, Bishop John D'Arcy of the Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese, which includes Notre Dame, said he would not attend the ceremony because of Obama's policies.
More protests and letters will be forthcoming.
Notre Dame can call itself a Catholic institution or it can host and honor those who have been complicit in the grievous sin of abortion. But it cannot do both.
This is about fundamental Catholic teaching and Catholic doctrine.
If the Holy Mother The Church and its instutions and agents do not stand for life then the Church stands for nothing.
Those who do not agree with the teaching of the Church on such a benchmark issue have a choice: They can leave the Church and join another faith community if they wish. Nobody is forcing them (no matter who they are) to remain Catholics.
By rights, the President should simply announce that he doesn't want to turn the event into a circus and say he's saving Notre Dame a lot of trouble and angst by withdrawing his acceptance of the invitation.
Absent that, Notre Dame must rescind the invite.
Here's how you can join the protest:

Letters to the editor in chief of the Notre Dame newspaper,
The Observer,
Mike Connolly or directly via the Observer web site

Letters to the editor of the South Bend Tribune:

Write, call or e-mail:
President of the University of Notre Dame,
Father John Jenkins, C.S.C. [Cong. of Holy Cross], 631-5000 or Fax: (574) 631-7428

Go to to join the protest and sign the petition.

Act now!
Take a stand for the unborn!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Protest by Standing Up During Obama Speech!

First of all, Father Jenkins should be excommunicated and then fired from the University for his dastartly act. By inviting Abortion/Infantacide Obama to Notre Dame, then Jenkins and his cronies are in essence participating in furthering the cause of abortion. That is Sick and Deplorable!

Students at the commencement exercise should be like the apostles of Christ and stand up for the faith at any cost. The way evil overcomes good is when good people do nothing! Remember Hitler and German people. There is no risk to students and parents who choose to stand up throughout Obama's speech as a form of protest. Maybe Abortion/Infantacide Obama might get the message that he cannot just dismiss the moral right of Catholics to profess our Catholic faith and at the same time it is an opportunity to protest abortion and the use of aborted baby stem cell research by taking such action.

Students and parents it is now time for each of you to choose what is important to you - your Catholic faith or just being quiet and being rolled over by Abortionist/Infantacide Obama.