Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama's March Madness

From Charles Hurt in the New York Post:
In a short period of time, Obama has retreated from a whole host of the very clear promises in his campaign that drew in even Republicans weary of the corruption and criminal waste of Washington.
Vowing to change how this place works, he would wrest control of DC from the greedy hands of lobbyists and put an end to politicians paying off benefactors with plum pots of federal tax money.
But today, two months to the day since he became president, Obama has hired countless lobbyists, surrendered his ban on pork, and made a mockery of responsibility.
Indeed, every year during March Madness, there's a Cinderella story a team that defies the odds.
Sadly, this year's Cinderella story is not a Texas Tech or a George Mason but the Obama administration.
It's turning into a pumpkin right before our very eyes.

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