Sunday, March 29, 2009

Villanova's Dream Team!

Villanova's Scottie Reynolds (1), Shane Clark and Reggie Redding (15) celebrate Reynolds' game-winning basket against Pittsburgh, which earned the Wildcats a Final Four berth. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

From Rich Hoffman in the Philadelphia Daily News:
Somehow, some way, Villanova is going to the Final Four.
It was a classic game. It was a game that will be talked about for as long as they talk about college basketball in Philadelphia. It was a tight, physical, brutal wonderful game – and Scottie Reynolds won it with a driving layup with 0.5 seconds left.
The final score was Villanova 78, Pittsburgh 76. And when everyone got done holding their breath at the end, when a Levance Fields 75-footer at the buzzer crashed off of the backboard and away, the Wildcats erupted to celebrate the school’s first Final Four appearance since 1985.
It is so hard to describe how tough and good this game was, and how it would have felt if the Wildcats had come up short. It was that good. It was that difficult.

What makes Villanova so special?
Well, of course I'm partial.
But I think it's a Villanova spirit - an honest, well-grounded "can do" spirit that drives the university and its community to do their very best and to give that extra effort that makes a difference.
Villanova is a school grounded in the Augustinian ethic and the teachings and values of St. Augustine. Villanova doesn't try to hide its Catholic identity or its Catholic heritage. Villanova is proud of it - proud of all of it.
Go to Villanova's web site and you will see Villanova's Christian character. You will see the daily quote from Augustine himself; the Lenten reflections and the open, giving, Catholic spirit of the university.
Here's what Villanova President Rev. Peter J. Donohue says: "We are a Catholic and Augustinian University with a well-rounded academic curriculum and a commitment to the greater good. Saint Augustine believed in the intrinsic connection between the mind and the heart, between truth and love. At Villanova, we celebrate this relationship through a passionate pursuit of knowledge and service to others."
Villanova's understanding of its own Christian character and Villanova's steadfast adherence to the teachings of St. Augustine set it apart.
I honestly believe that Villanova is infused with the love and the power of the Holy Spirit.
The Sprit knows.
And that makes all the difference!

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