Wednesday, December 22, 2010

AFP Condems Obama Regulatory Power Grab

Americans For Prosperity VP for Policy Phil Kerpen issued the following statement on the FCC's adopted network neutrality order:
"The FCC has fittingly chosen the darkest day in 372 years to impose potentially devastating regulations on the up-to-now free-market Internet. As the moon was eclipsed earlier today, Congress and the American people will be eclipsed by this regulatory coup d'├ętat -- orchestrated by the White House -- that will substitute the judgment of three Democrats at the FCC for the legitimate democratic process.
"Congress must make it a top priority to overturn these regulations early in 2011, preferably with a Congressional Review Act Resolution of Disapproval that can avoid filibuster and cleanly invalidate the order. Not only is the imposition of government's heavy hand on the economy's most vibrant sector at stake, but so are the basic principles of our democratic republic. If these principles are discarded, the door will be open for a breathtaking series of executive branch power grabs that will leave our society and its constitutional system of government unrecognizable."
Americans for Prosperity has been tracking Obama administration power grabs of this type at and recently wrote about the need for Congress to act in the Washington Times.
A web site to demand Congress step in is at:
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