Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Must Read: Carol Burnett's 'This Time Together'

The Carol Burnett Show ran on CBS-TV from 1967 to 1978.
It was one of the last of the great TV comedy-variety shows.
Each week (for 278 editions) Carol Burnett and her company of players, along with weekly guest stars, presented a full scale hour of comedy, dance and music featuring high-quality production values and some of the greatest names in entertainment.
The team that Carol Burnett assembled for her show was top notch, all the way.
Now Burnett has written a delightful book of recollections (This Time Together) touching upon important parts of her life, including the 11 years that encompassed The Carol Burnett Show. The book is subtitled "laughter and recollection" and even the sad parts are lightened by Burnett's distinctive comedic take on the human condition.
The book is like a series of  short anecdotes that almost take the form of a conversation with Carol. In fact, you can hear Burnett's voice on every page and this is what makes the book so honest and so real. These truly are authentic, irrepressibly human reflections from Carol Burnett herself.
In this book you will find unforgettable about Cary Grant, Lucille Ball, Marlon Brando, Walter Matthau, Beverly Sills, Julie Andrews, John Huston, Carol Channing, John Crawford, Garry Moore, Bob Mackie, Laurence Olivier, Mike Nichols, John Steinbeck, Ray Charles, Zero Mostel, Peggy Lee and of course Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner. Through these stories and through her own reminiscences, Carol Burnett tells her own story as well. And it's funny, revealing and poignant at the same time.
Count this one as an absolute must read.
BTW: The title of the book comes from the song that Carol Burnett sang at the end of each one of her shows: I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together.

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