Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Leslie Nielsen's Top Five Characters

On the heels of his recent death there continues to be a great deal of interest in comedian/actor Lelsie Nielsen.
In no particular order, here are the five most memorable characters that Nielsen created:
Lucas Hollingsworth on the Golden Girls - Nielsen plays Blanch Devereaux's Uncle Lucas and trcks Dorothy into going out on a date with him. But Dorothy and Uncle Lucas have the last laugh when they trick Blanch.
Max Muldoon on Who's The Boss? -  Nielsen plays Mona's love interest. The romance progresses so far that he actually proposes to Mona but they don't end up together in the end.
Frank Drebin on Police Squad - Although this series lastest only about six episodes it inspired the movie The Naked Gun. Frank would offer someone a cigarette, he would say, "Cigarette?" The potential recipient always replied, "Yes, I know."
Frank Drebin in The Naked Gun - A reprise of the TV role, this began a series of feature length films. There were three in all.
Dr. Rumack in Airplane - The role that catapulted Nielsen to fame. The famous line: "Surely, you can't be serious!" Nielsen replies, "I am serious. And don't call me Shirley."

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