Monday, December 27, 2010

The Year's Ten Biggest Jerks

Who are the biggest jerks of the year?
Well it just so happens that in 2010 there were more than a few jerks in the public spotlight.
From philanderers, to creeps, to tiresome public officials, to liars and swindlers and dumbbells, the jerks (and the jokes) just kept on coming.
It seemed that every day, some new jerk popped into public view.
Some were well known and some became instant celebrities but all were stupid or clueless or inept or dishonest or just plain insufferable.
This year's crop of jerks really got to us. In no particular order, here they are:
SNOOKY - This busty, foul-mouthed, obnoxious dame has no reason whatsoever to be famous or even recognized other than for her inanity and her piled-high hair -- and neither one of those is anything to be proud of. She's a sad commentary on what passes for the popular culture.
CHARLIE SHEEN - Is there no end to this man's excesses? And why does he keep getting away with it? When they allowed him to trash his room (and then covered for him) I lost all respect for Manhattan's legendary Plaza Hotel.
JESSIE JAMES - Why would you act like this when you're married to a certified beauty (with smarts and talent) like Sandra Bullock? Why? And why in hell did Bullock ever get involved with him? What did she see in him?
HARRY REID AND THE PEOPLE OF NEVADA - The people of Nevada really, really, really don't like Harry. So first, they nominated the weakest candidate to run against him. Then they looked the other way while Harry lapped up special favors and special interest money. And finally a bunch of them voted for him anyway. And Harry? Well, he kicked his son under the bus, chuckled and went right back to his Washington suite at the Four Seasons where he promptly resumed his jerky ways.
LADY GAGA - If you don't believe she's a jerk, you haven't looked at her lately.
BRET FAVRE - Brett apparently has a strange way of  picking up gals. Though he's way past the age for it, he seems to be into sexting. Allegedly, he texts photos of his, well . . . you know. But apparently he still has very little to show for it.
JOY BEHAR - The Mouth That Bored. She gives new meaning to the phrase: "The empty barrel makes the most noise."
TONY PARKER - Hmmm . . . So what if I'm married to a gorgeous actress? How bout an affair with my teammates wife? That sounds like a good idea! What is it about zillionaire athletes thinking with the wrong head?
NANCY PELOSI - This woman still doesn't seem to get it. Yo, Nancy: You ain't gonna be Speaker anymore, understand? Next week you're gonna have to give up your office and all your perks. And all those so-called moderates who stuck out their necks for you? They lost. They lost and you lost, Nancy! It's over.
JOHN EDWARDS - Need we say more?

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