Saturday, December 25, 2010

Photo: The Cousins At Christmas

The Cirucci cousins gathered around the Christmas tree for their annual holiday photo once again this year.
Several generations of cousins gathered to continue this annual Christmas custom.
Some of us still remember when the Cirucci brothers (Danny, Carmen, Lou "Doc", Enrico "Henry", Johnny and Mike) would visit all the Cirucci homes on Christmas morning. This progressive Christmas caravan -- from house to house -- heralded the arrival of Christmas for so many of us when we were children. The unabashed love that the uncles showed (the men never hesitated to kiss one another and often became teary-eyed) inspired us.
Of course, in those days we all lived much cloer to one another (many in small row homes in South Camden, NJ) and the uncles' Christmas caravan was boistrous, indulgent, bountiful fun.
We don't live around the corner from one another anymore and not all of the cousins can be with us. But our successive generations try to keep at least a bit of the tradition alive by gathering some among us together -- and visiting with one another (either physically or virtually) this time of the year.
We keep the uncles (and aunts) with us in our hearts. Cherishing their memory, we continue to be strengthened by the unconditional love that they gave us.
Today and every day they walk alongside us.

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