Monday, December 20, 2010

Macy's Philadelphia Dickens Christmas Village

Have you been to see A Christmas Carol at Macy's Philadelphia store?
If you haven't, head on over to the 3rd floor at the former Wanamaker store at 13 & Market for a real treat. Sure, you remember the enchanting animated story of A Christmas Carol from the old Strawbridges store.
Well, Macy's has given the whole production a badly-needed face lift. Oh, it's just as you recall. They haven't removed any scenes or characters from the walk-through story. But they have cleaned and painted the scenes and characters so that everything looks fresh and vivid. And they have oiled the animated figures so that they don't squeak anymore.
As you walk through the scenes this enduring tale comes to life and you begin to realize why this is such a compelling Christmas classic.
The colors and the lighting and the figures all work together to produce a delightful story for all ages.
And, while you're at Macy's center city store check out the animated windows along the Market Street side. This is another treat you won't want to miss.

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