Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Video: Christie Gives Political Advice To 6th Grader

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may be the single most effective communicator in American today.
He's natural. He's engaging. And he just seems to instinctively know how to relate not only to an entire audience but to each and every individual in the audience.
The Governor truly excels at his town hall meetings held throughout New Jersey. He's held 56 of them so far in every part of the state. At these sessions, Chris Christie is in his element. Without a script or a teleprompter, Christie takes on all comers. And here's the thing: He really listens to people and makes the sessions informative, meaningful and refreshingly human.
You only need to watch Christie to know that he's enjoying himself. He's a people person.
Look at this clip of Christie giving political advice yesterday to a 6th grade student who's running for class office.
It's a keeper -- a classic Christie gem.

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