Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In Cherry Hill, Flower Power Is Bipartisan!

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Kevin Riordan has written another excellent column, this time focusing on those vivid clusters of flowers we've all been enjoying along Cherry Hill, New Jersey's most important thoroughfare, Route 70. His column is coupled with a lovely video (above) by Inquirer photographer Tom Gralish.

Here's the way the column begins:
A garden of gold flutters on the horizon like a mirage.
One wave of flowers follows another, a sporadic but exuberant parade of blossoms that readily inspires a smile.
Welcome to Cherry Hill's Route 70, where eight miles of wildflowers are abloom between lanes of concrete and 60,000 daily vehicles.
"Residents love it; environmentalists love it; I love it," says Mayor Bernie Platt, who championed the pilot plantings . . .
Click here to read the rest of it.

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