Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yo, Governor Christie: Whazzzup?!?

So now Drudge is leading with a Newsmax report that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is again reconsidering a presidential run.
Remember: Christie has repeatedly said "No, no, no . . . not this time around; not now." I'm paraphrasing of course, but Christie has said NO many different ways at many different times during many different interviews.
But now Newsmax (via unamed sources) is reporting that Christie is taking another look at a possible run because he's been approached by big-money Republicans who have thus far been sitting on the sidelines. These "billionaires" and money "bundlers" (Newsmax's term, not mine) are disenchanted with the current crop of GOP candidates and they want some more options. And the ONE option that they're really eyeing is the Big Guy himself, Chris Christie.
Hey, around this time in every presidential election cycle there's usually a great hue and cry of disenchantment with all of the aspirants. The problem is simple: Too many candidates and the public and contributors and influencials find it hard to focus. They're a bit flummoxed. They're not quite sure where to turn or who to follow. When so many are running it blurs the field and (to some people, anyway)everyone winds up looking somewhat mediocre.
Part of the problem is that the party faithful and the donors want a sure bet. They're looking for that magic bullet. Hey, if you were putting up Big Money (or any money at all, for that matter) wouldn't you prefer to place it on someone who you felt had all that it takes to WIN?
But once candidates get into the race they start to get sullied.
Look at what happened to Rick Perry. To some, he seemed like the Dream Candidate -- until he actually entered the race and started participating in the debates. Now his numbers are dropping and I've gotta believe that the initial rush of contributions has tapered off.
Look, I like Governor Christie.
That's no secret here.
And, assuming he continues to make the right moves and stand for the right things I'd love to see him become president someday. And I can understand that Christie supporters and other Republicans may be a bit anxious. They're probably thinking along these lines: This is the year the GOP has a real shot. We might just have ourselves a Republican president. In fact, things are looking better for the GOP every day. So, why shouldn't it be Christie?
But, with less than two years as Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie to his credit, the Governor has a lot on his plate already and he has many factors to consider -- not the least of which is his wonderful family.
I'm certainly not going to offer the Governor any advice on this one.
He's quite capable of taking a cold, hard look at it all.
And he trusts his own solid instincts as well.
Plus, he's got lots of good people around him.
If (and that's a big IF) he's changes his mind, you'll know about right here.
Stay tuned.

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