Sunday, September 25, 2011

Noonan: Obama Can't Win In '12, But GOP Can Lose

Peggy Noonan thinks that the Republican Party is facing a very promising election year in 2012 -- a year in which Obama looks extremely vulnerable; so vulnerable that she believes he really cannot win.
But there's a catch. And it's a big one.
Peggy is aware of something I've long known and have regularly warned of: The incredible capacity of the Grand Old Party to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Here's how she puts it:
Let me say here clearly what I've been more or less saying in this column for a while. It is that Mr. Obama cannot win in 2012, but the Republicans can lose. They can hand the incumbent a victory the majority of American voters show themselves not at all disposed to give him. (No column is complete without his latest polling disasters. A Quinnipiac poll this week shows Florida voters disapprove of the job the president is doing by 57% to 39%.)
Republicans only six months ago thought the president was unbeatable. Now they see the election as a bright red apple waiting to fall into their hands. It's not. They'll have to earn it.
Mr. Obama isn't as resilient as a Bill Clinton, with his broad spectrum of political gifts and a Rasputin-like ability to emerge undead in spite of the best efforts of his foes. His spectrum of political gifts is more limited. That's a nice way to put it, isn't it?
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Josh said...

I mostly agree, but don't underestimate Obama's campaigning skills. The Republicans also need to remember (as Ms. Noonan suggests) that it won't be enough to simply be "Not Obama," just as it wasn't enough for Ronald Reagan to be "Not Carter."

Dan Cirucci said...

No way will I underestimate Obama's campaign skills. A desperate man will do anything to stay in power -- he knows nothing else. This IS his life.