Saturday, September 24, 2011

Is Christie About To 'Follow The Money?'

Now Politico is out with a report that a group of Big Time GOP Donors have pretty much convinced New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to reconsider his pledge not to enter the GOP presidential race.
These people include what the report terms "media and business elites" and they are mostly centered in New York.
They have reportedly assured Christie that all of the major bucks -- all the money he needs - will be available should he decide to jump in.
Here's an excerpt from the Politico report:
“'There’s a group of donors, particularly New York guys, pushing Christie really hard,' said the former [RNC] chair. “Singer [Paul Singer] won’t give up. They’re even talking to operatives.”
The reason: a certain class of Republican money types have never warmed to Romney and have been disappointed in Perry.
'They’re hesitant about Romney and Perry has not lived up to their expectations — he’s too cowboy,' said the former chair. 'So they’re looking for a different feel.'"
I have a funny feeling that the former RNC Chair mentioned here may in fact be Michael Steele.
Anyway, Christie does have strong ties to New Yorkers -- and not just geographically. He's closely linked to the Rudy Giuliani crowd.
Christie has reportedly told those pushing him that he will make a decision within a week of so.

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