Sunday, September 25, 2011

Obama Tells Allies: 'Stop Complaining!'

With black unemployment at a record high of nearly 17 percent (and joblessness among young black men much higher)President Obama is offering little solace to African-Americans.
In Washington lest night at a Black Congressional Caucus awards dinner, Obama told the crowd to stop complaining, stop bellyaching, stop carping.
Basically, Obama expects his fellow black Americans to just buckle up and get over it.
In fact he told them to take off their bedroom slippers and puts on their marching boots because "we've got work to do."
It's a sad -- indeed, grim -- statement when you consider that in far, far too many cases there is NO work for African-Americans to do. In fact there are simply no jobs, not just for blacks but for everybody in the country.
One wonders if Obama's living in the same world as anyone else. And of course the answer is all too obvious. Obama doesn't live in the world of ordinary Americans (no matter their color) and hasn't for a long, long time. The Obama's live in a world of elite intellectuals, designer duds, influential friends, bundled campaign donors and chic locales. But it's even worse then that. To an all-too-large extent Obama lives in a world of theories and ideas.
And the ideas are wrong and the theories haven't worked.
and all that Obama is promising now is just more of the same.
If you like the way things have been going so far, he's your man. And don't worry -- you can join his "army whether you're wearing boots, bedroom slippers or no shoes at all. Just be prepared to follow orders.

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