Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Voters Eye Romney Than Obama Or Perry

The Gallup poll is out with a new batch of info that must be good news for the Mitt Romney camp.
Gallup reports that right now more registered voters say they would definitely vote for Mitt Romney or might consider doing so (62%) than say the same about his two main rivals in the 2012 presidential election, Democrat Barack Obama (54%) and Republican Rick Perry (53%).
Romney's margin is no insignificant.
And this seems to indicate that Mitt Romney is increasingly emerging as the adult in the room: The sensible, seasoned, can-do candidate who's ready to provide the leadership America needs now.
My tip: Watch Romney. Pay attention to him. Watch where he goes and what he does. Listen to what he says. The next several months will be critical and Romney appears to be ready.


mj loehrer said...

As much as I am opposed to Romney he's better than what we have. The important thing is the veep choice. Whoever is the presidential nominee will be elected if he(she) selects Rubio as his choice. My opinion only

Josh said...

I'd almost be surprised at this point if the VP choice is not Rubio. He makes sense in so many ways - young (41 years old), handsome, Latino (a demographic Republicans have struggled with for years) and from Florida (a swing state).