Friday, September 30, 2011

Chickie's & Pete's Headed To Cherry Hill?

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Chickie's & Pete's Crabhouse and Sports Bar is a legendary success story and a Philly institution.

With more than a dozen locations in the region (including the stadiums and the airport) Chickie's & Pete's is known for its crabs, wings, seafood, Crabfries®, cheesesteaks and roast pork sandwiches.

Now the rumor mill tells us that Chickie's & Pete's (C & P) is headed to Cherry Hill.

In fact, we hear that C & P may be eyeing the huge space now occupied by a well-known eatery on Brace Road between Route 70 and Haddonfield-Berlin Road (Route 561). This is a prime location that would seem to perfect fit C & P's needs. The place is ideally situated near major highways such as Route 295 and the turnpike and it's also smack in the middle of South Jersey's hottest dining destination. There is also plenty of parking and space to accommodate the large crowds that C & P attracts.

Of course, we can't confirm any of this just yet and all pending business deals (if there even are any in the works) are subject to change.

But the existing eatery in question has had a good, long run and the operation may well be ready to bring down the curtain. It's an extraordinary opportunity for C & P and one that South Jersey residents would heartily welcome.

Chickie's & Pete's story is compelling.

The way it's told, he taste of Philadelphia sports came alive late one night in 1987. An argument and a brotherly brawl over mom’s unique gravy at 4 am in the Ciarrocchi household, led to what is now the unique Chickie’s & Pete’s zesty cuisine. With a mother’s ingredients, a respected family business, and Pete’s own tried, tested, and perfected French fry reinvention, Crabfries®, Pete Ciarrocchi was destined for success.

But the story really began a decade earlier when, in 1977, Peter and Henrietta Ciarrocchi bought the Robbins Avenue taproom in the Mayfair neighborhood of Philadelphia. Young Pete followed his parents’ example and served the regulars with a smile. He was and still is a friend to all.
Growing up, Pete ran with both jocks and rockers. He could change minds, influence peers, and even reinvent taste. In 1987 Pete made sure his parents’ legacy lived on. Pete became the face of Chickie’s & Pete’s with the help of his brother, Tom. His charisma, dynamic personality, and great food were enough to bring in the crowds on Sunday to celebrate, jeer, and be Philadelphia. Pete understood the pulse of the city: food, sports, and people.

As Pete reinvented the sports bar, Chickie's and Pete's became part of the fabric of the city.


Jeff said...


Dan Cirucci said...

No, it's not Kaminsk's. That's not big enough for C & P. It's that much much larger place up the road closer to the park and Route 70.

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Anonymous said...

where are you getting your information from??????

Lady Jane said...

But wait! What about the part where Pete sues innocent small businesses who sell fries with crab seasoning?
Free the crab fries!

Anonymous said...

This would be great news if Pete does purchase the Coastline. Hoping this is not a rumor but really does happen.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would just get it over with and say yes or no. I have been going there forever and if C&P takes over that will be the end of my dancing venue and I would like time to find someplace else to go to dance instead of being blindsided.

Unknown said...

The Champs that closed a few months ago on 73