Thursday, March 22, 2012

Christie On Kwon Nomination: 'Shamelful Mockery'

Governor Chris Christie's remarks on the rejection of Phil Kwon's nomination to the New Jersey State Supreme Court, just as I heard them:

"Phil Kwan is a man of integrity.

"I had the privilege to witness that integrity firsthand.

"This is not only a disappointment for me personally but for the state as well.

"He was treated with disdain. He was treated as a political punching bag . . . by Democrats desperately at search for a political wind.

"Well, they exacted political revenge [by treating Kwon the way they did.]

"Today's vote [by the Democrats] was a pay back to the special interests.

"This has been a sideshow from the very beginning. So, I can't say that I'm surprised.

"The Democrats spent a total of 23 minutes on Phil Kwon's qualifications and judicial philosophy.

"This was a circus -- not a judicial hearing. A shameful mockery of a hearing. Phil Kwon was thrown away as political collateral damage.

"I was told even before the hearing that Phil would not be approved. They had made up their minds.

"I know Phil personally. He's smart, he's dedicated, he's independent and he's passionate about public service. I apologize to him and his family for . . . . this sacrifice on the alter of liberalism.

"Phil Kwon is an independent. While he registered as a Republican in New York he never voted in a Republican primary and never contributed to a Republican candidate.

"The Democrats don't ever want to have four justices on the Supreme Court who are Republicans.

"I watched the entire hearing today . . . . I feel terribly for my friend, Phil Kwon but I have a job to do, so we move on. . . . "

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