Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Delegates: Romney Edges Closer To Magic Number

When Mitt Romney gains one more than half of all the delegates he needs to win the GOP nomination it will be impossible for any of the other candidates to overtake him -- either singly or combined.
By my count, Romney is now just 11 delegates short of that magic number.
Romney currently has 562 delegates. He needs 1144 to win. But he exceeds half that number when he reaches 573. He's almost there.
Right now Romney has more delegates than all the other candidates combined.

Here are the other delegate counts:
Santorum - 249
Gingrich - 137
Paul - 71

And here are the popular vote totals. Here and again, Romney is the winner, far and away:
Romney - 4,070,110
Santorum - 2,758,186
Gingrich - 2,182,075
Paul - 1,068,148
Note that Romney leads his nearest opponent by more than 1.3 million votes.

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