Thursday, March 22, 2012

More From Governor Christie On Kwon Rejection

"Every executive endeavors to appoint justices who will follow their political philosophy, if possible. . . . But you can never be 100% sure . . . . Governor Kean told me that whenever you appoint anybody 'they go native in six months, except for the attorney general who goes native in six weeks' . . . I tried to pick someone intelligent who understood the role of a Supreme Court justice which is to interpret the law and not make it. . . . but you're never sure."

"I think for the Democrats this was all about appealing back to their base.

"The union leaders were there the whole day, watchin, watchin, watchin. This cake was baked a long time ago.

"I had absolutely no expectation until this morning that Phil Kwon was not gonna be confirmed.  We have to start again. I have [had] no plan B.

"I wouldn't do anything different. No. The hearing didn't matter. The cake was baked. . . . He [Kwon] is an outstanding person who got awfully smeared by a group of politicians."

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