Sunday, March 25, 2012

On the Death Of Priscilla Buckley At Age 90

National Review is reporting that Priscilla Buckley died this morning at age 90.
She lived a long, happy, productive, generous life.
The sister of legendary National Review founder William F. Buckley, Priscilla Buckley has been described as the "backbone" of the magazine that came to be the bible of the modern conservative movement in America.
She was a wonderfully accomplsihed editor and writer in her own right and by all accounts an incredibly kind and caring person.
Priscilla Buckley worked largely behind-the-scenes to help make National Review what it is today. She served as managing editor of the magazine for many years but her influence extended far beyond her title as her brother relied heavily on her as he built the National Review empire and fueled the conservative movement to prominence.
William F. Buckley assumed the public role -- becoming the look, the sound and the face of National Review and American conservatism. Meanwhile, Priscilla woked behind the scenes, bringing the pieces together and making sure that every edition of National Review was complete, well-written, thorough, accurate and in the hands of its appreciative readers in a timely fashion. She moved the copy, met the deadlines and completed the day-to-day work that is so vital to the success of any publication.
And thankfully she also mentored many writers and editors who now follow in her fottsteps.
RIP, Priscilla Buckley.

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