Friday, March 16, 2012

Romney Continues To Enjoy GOP Voter, Delegate Edge

From Mitt Romney Central:
Thirty contests have been held so far this primary season.
Of those contests Romney has won 19 of them. Romney has accrued more than 1.2 million votes beyond Santorum’s tally. But I think an under-discussed fact about this race is that Romney has won delegates in every single contest that has taken place. Compare that to 11 goose eggs for Santorum and 17 for Gingrich. When Santorum talks about “competing everywhere there are delegates” he doesn’t mention that he’s not even on the ballot in DC, just as he missed the VA due to campaign ineptitude. And when Santorum says “We are going to win this nomination before that convention,” he is… well…. lying.
Santorum’s faint hope of winning lies in a contested convention by attempting to deny Romney the full slate of delegates he needs to clinch. A majority of Republicans are not going to like the prospect of a brokered convention and the calls for Santorum to withdraw will grow louder and louder. Should he ignore those calls and succeed in pushing the election to convention he will be a very unpopular man.
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