Thursday, March 22, 2012

Christie: 'They Only Want Their Type Of Diversity'

More from Governor Christie this evening on the rejection of the Supreme Court nomination of Phil Kwon:

"Phil Kwon had no reason to step down or withdraw his nomination nor would I have withdrawn it.

"I have the right by New Jersey tradition to appoint two Republicans to the two empty seats on the court.

"There are just so many extra-constitutional requirement that they can ask of me.

"I think they [the Democrats] want to re-litigate the election. They don't get to do that. Not until 2013.

"They say they want diversity but they want their type of diversity.

"I would not be party to subjecting her [Phil Kwon's mother] to that union induced circus down the hall. .  . . . This was a pay back for pension and benefit reform. They [the Democrats] all followed the union line like lemmings . . . They sacrificed this man's reputation and his family's reputation to the unions . . . . I hope they're able to sleep well tonight.

"I live in hope. I hope that today they exorcised their union demons. . . . I don't want to be pessimistic . . . . I have a job to do. I'm the Governor. I don;t have the luxury of participating in a political sideshow. I'll remain optimistic because that's who I am."

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