Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Remember Patricia Murphy's Candlelight Restaurants?

This was once the original Patricia Murphy's in Brooklyn Heights.

I try not to turn back the clock too much. It can get to be maudlin, if not downright depressing.
But sometimes, it's hard to resist.
Especially when we're turning it back to the 1960s -- an era that (what with Mad Men, etc.) has generated renewed interest.
Well. there was a restaurant (a chain of restaurants, really) that become the epitome of '60s pop chic.
Do you remember Patricia Murphy's Candlelight Restaurants?
These restaurants were legendary -- and famous for their incredibly luscious popovers. They featured fresh linen, flocked wallpaper, sparkling chandeliers, lots of crystal and china, the glow of candlelight and plenty of hot, tasty American food.
Some of the Patricia Murphy's suburban locations (such as on Long Island, in Yonkers and later in Ft. Lauderdale) also featured beautiful gardens.
New York magazine describes Patricia Murphy's as a place "where waitresses in gingham walked around with baskets of popovers." And yes, you were welcomed to take all the popovers you could eat -- but usually just one at a time, please.
Patricia Murphy opened her first restaurant in Brooklyn Heights in the 1940s and things just took off from there. Or, to put it another way -- those popovers really popped.
What you see above is the site of the original Patricia Murphy's as it looked a few years ago.
In Manhattan Patricia Murphy's was at 38th & Madison and also on 49th St. Those two locations were very popular and often attracted crowds that ranged from busy professionals to tourists, theater-goers, ladies who lunch and even some starry-eyed diners out for a romantic, low-lit dinner for two.
They came for the popovers and they stayed for everything else. And in the larger, out-of-the-city locations the everything else even included a gift shop where you could purchase Patricia Murphy's own story, entitled "The Glow of Candlelight."
Yes, there really was a Patricia Murphy. She started the first restaurant with just a few dollars and a dream. Word is she didn't even know how to cook. But she had a good head for business and a magic touch. And she certainly must have worked hard.
The restaurants reportedly slipped when the chain grew too large and Patricia Murphy removed herself from the day-to-day operation. Eventually, Patricia Murphy's went bankrupt.
Times-- and eating habits -- changed as well.
But just for nostalgia's sake, here's the recipe for those famous popovers. Not that they'll really taste exactly like the one at Patricia Murphy's, but why not give it a try?

Patricia Murphy Popovers:
Put 1/3 tsp butter or Crisco in each muffin pan (or custard cup). Heat in oven 5 minutes while you are mixing batter.
1/4 tsp salt 1 cup sifted flour 1 cup milk 2 eggs 1 tbsn butter, melted
Sift flour and salt into a bowl. Beat eggs with rotary beater, add milk, butter and sift in flout, beating only enough to make a smooth batter. Fill hot muffin pans one-third full of the mixture. Bake in hot (450) oven 30 minutes, then at 350 for 15 minutes or until firm, brown and popped. Keep oven door closed while baking. Makes 6 large or 9 small.


Anonymous said...

Just found some memorabilia at my Grandmothers from Patricia Murphy's would have loved to experienced myself. Thanks for the info!

Patricia Murphy said...

Going through some old papers and found a postcard from Patricia Murphy's Candlelight Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale , my parents sent it to me in 1964 , they couldn't resist because my name is Patricia Murphy. Was thrilled to find this information. Thanks

Jo Pecorelli said...

ernmiletDan, I remember going to Patricia Murphy's in Yonkers, NY for Mothers Day when I was a little girl. Thanks for the memories!

Anonymous said...

I remember going to Patricia Murphy's in Yonkers when I was young as well. We frequented that Patricia Murphy's often. Especially after we moved North to Mahopac and would go back and forth to visit my grandparents at our first home ( above them) on Seton Ave in the Bronx. I have been searching for the Vanilla Sauce recipe that Patricia Murphy's used to serve on their warm apple pie! Thanks so much for sharing this information.Thomas

Maxine said...

Well it is like heaven finding information on our favorite place to go in the 1960's while living at the St. George Hotel in Brooklyn. One just felt so good being there because of the decor, the service, and the aroma. My husband was going through a training program at New York University with Goodbody and Company--I worked at Goodbody located 2 Broad in Manhattan assisting the Commodities Managing Partner. For months every Thursday evening we went to the Candlelight Restaurant, I believe that was the night they served juicy pork chops and apple butter with popovers. We have never had popovers since from any restaurant up until my husband and I a few weeks ago ate at the Cooper Door Restaurant in Hayesville, NC, and they served them.
We have now been married 53 years and the Candlelight Restaurant has never been out of our minds and I went years dreaming about popovers. A few years ago I ran across a receipt in a William-Sonoma catalog. Also, somewhere along the line I found a cast iron popover pan that makes 7 popovers and now I am so proficient. I use (1) organic egg, some organic milk shake it well in a jar, sift in bread flour, stir or shake a little add the organic butter, a little chunk I melted on top of the stove in the cast iron pan--pour in the batter, let it heat a little, put it in a 500 degree oven and within a few minutes they come out delicious. We do not worry about them deflating--we eat them with White House Apple Butter, as that is lighter than others we have tried. Every time we are eating these delicious popovers we mention the Candlelight Restaurant. We were back in NYC over the years and would always go to Brooklyn looking for the Candlelight Restaurant. I know the restaurant must have served good side dishes but I just can't remember what they were. I am sure it must have been good. Please give my heartfelt thanks to the family of Patricia Murphy for lighting up our light through our long journey in life. Thanks to the ones responsible for the history of the Candlelight online.

Anonymous said...

My Aunt Fanchon would take my mom, sister and myself to Patricia Murphy's on Madison in the 60's. We would take the train from Poughkeepsie usually to see the Nutcracker or another event and then have dinner there. My other siblings went there with my aunt as well over the years. It holds great memories for all of us, especially the popovers. My aunt was a fine lady who was a social worker in Manhattan from the 30's to the 80's. She lived at 38th and Madison at the Lancaster for years. She introduced all my siblings and myself to the wonders of Manhattan and to Patricia Murphy's. Susan

Anonymous said...

I remember being taken to Patricia Murphy's several times when I was a little girl. It must have been the one in Yonkers because it had vast, gorgeous gardens . Strangely enough, I don't remember the food at all (except for those popovers !), but the flowers made a huge impression on me. So beautiful !

Anonymous said...

The two things I remember about Patricia Murphy's are the popover rolls and those ugly jackets men were expected to wear if they forgot about the dress code.

Anonymous said...

For year my family went to Patrcia Murphey's on the Island in NY for my birthday. Ate the same thing all the time Veal Parmagian. The waitresses always came to sing happy birthday to me and I will always have that lovely memory
thank you

robert a. said...

I remember the Manhattan restaurants as well as the Yonkers location. I also recall the popovers as well as beautiful gardens you could walk in after dinner.

Anonymous said...

Never went to any of the restaurants but I'm learning about them online. Definitely from a bygone era of american culture.Not sure if my parents ever went to them, but they did go out to eat and traveled quite a bit, back in the 60 - 70's.Some restaurant names I remember they would frequent were: Malfada's (Little Ferry, NJ)Bully Boy's (Congers-NY)Manero's Steak House Maywood,NJ)China Chalet (Norwood,NJ). Pick up a "Glow of Candlelight" Patricia Murphy, signed copy 1961 recently in x-cell cond. Was attracted by the nice colorful cover and also, in 80-90's my Br.-in law had a business in the Bahia Mar Marina in Florida

Laura Jones said...

My Great Aunt Elsie Tineo worked for Patricia Murphy as her secretary for many years. She is mentioned in her book "Glow of Candlelight" on page 102. The book was even signed by Patricia with the inscription "For my dear Elsie - as an expression of my affection and gratitude for her great loyalty in out long association together. Patricia Murphy".

Carrie said...

Anyone know what happed to Patricia Murphy after the bankruptcy, etc.?

Jim said...

Sept 16, 1960 First date with Annette. She graduated same day from Wood Secreterial School in NYC. I was soon starting 3rd year at Iona College, New Rochelle, NY. Beautiful sunset on the veranda, with extra plush service because Maitre de was also classmate at Iona and in my car pool.
Sept 1, 1961 Annette and I married in Pawling, NY with reception at Spinning Wheel Inn, Redding Ridge, CT

Anonymous said...

My parents decided that my brothers and I experience Florida for a summer vacation back in 1964. Several of my aunts and uncles decided to come along, so we traveled with a caravan of cars. It was a vacation trip (my first)I fondly remember - I was only five years old absorbing the wonderful visual, aromatic and the 60's glamour of old Fort Lauderdale and Miami - the smell of the ocean, the exotic flowers and the food. I too recall my first popover experience along with the African lobster tail my Mom let me order at Patricia Murphy's Restaurant. But in addition to the Popovers and the 'popover girls' - you left out those delicious Honey Buns that the 'Honey Bun Girls' offered too? After eating several popovers and honey buns my Mom and Dad said I should save some room for my lobster tail. I finished my dinner, too! Patricia Murphy's was a great place! In fact, the gift shops would sell boxes of the famous Popovers as a dry mix in a box. I also remember eating at The Kapok Tree Inn in the early 1970's and walking around their beautiful estate gardens while drinking the famous Planter's Tree Punch (the huge cocktail glass it was served in was a complimentary souvenir). Great memories filled with happy times with my family in Florida.

Anonymous said...

I was just at an estate in Florida and found 3 small carafes from Patricia Murphy's. glad I was able to find some history on them. Putting them up for sale on my Etsy shop, I'm sure someone would love to have these for the memories. https://www.etsy.com/shop/Brookesrepurpose

Unknown said...

Does anyone remember as a child if they had Shirley Temple drinks for the kids and put little plastic animals hanging from the glass.