Sunday, March 25, 2012

Romney Edges Closer and Closer To Nomination

Though the news reports say that Rick Santorum has "won" the Louisianna presidential primary Santorum has only captured 10 of the 20 Louisianna delegates. Mitt Romney won five of the delegates. That means that Romney's delegate total is now 568.
That puts Romney far, far ahead of Santorum in total delegates: 568 to 273.
Remember, 1,144 delegates are needed to secure the GOP nomination.
Once Romney picks up just five more delegates he will be over the halfway mark to the nomination. That will mean that no other candidate (or combination of candidates) will be able to surpass him in the delegate count no matter what.
It is highly unlikjely at this point that anyone will even come close to surpassing Romney.
Which means that's it's basically all over but the shouting.
Mitt Romney is overwhelming, odds-on favorite to capture the nomination.
He will shortly reach 573 at the pieces will all begin to fall into place.

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