Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Delegate Count Weighed In Romney's Favor

Jenifer Rubin at Commentary has a good analysis of what happened in the primary last night and the prospects for Romney and Santorum going forward. Rubin has really paid attention to the numbers and what they mean -- which is what the rest of the media should be doing.
Here's an excerpt:
Romney has 495. He needs 694 delegates, less than 48 percent of the remaining delegates, to wrap it up. That’s not “just” math; that’s the reality of the nominating process. . . .
Being the most conservative candidate who can win among the most conservative voters in the most conservative states does not get you the nomination.
The trajectory of the race can change only if Santorum improbably can take winner take-all states such as New Jersey and Wisconsin and start winning the lion’s share of the votes in states where he is badly trailing (e.g. New York).
Click here for the entire column.

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