Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Rag Trade: America's Precipitous Decline

I gleaned the following information while watching CBS Sunday Morning today:
As recently as 1997, 41% of all the clothing purchased in the Uunited States was actually made here in the US. Today, only 2% of all the clothing puchased here is made here.
It costs roughly 75% more to make a garment in the US.
A fine polo shirt that costs 30 bucks to make here goes for $65 wholesale and is marked up to $155 for retail sale.
That same shirt might be made elsewhere for seven bucks or less. You do the math.
It's not a plesant picture.

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Josh said...

It's not a pleasant picture, but it's been going on here for decades no matter which party controlled the White House, Congress, Supreme Court or any part of government.

Do you like the idea of people making less than $10 a day? Because that's what it would take to make that shirt in the U.S.A. and still have it be affordable. And in the U.S.A., $10 a day has not been a living wage in at least a century.