Saturday, July 27, 2013

At Slice It's All For The Love Of Pizza!

We've said it all along.
But it's still worth repeating: A great pizza is all about simplicity.
And the test of a great pizza lies in the basic pie. If the basic pie isn't good (crust, tomato sauce cheese) it doesn't matter what you add to it.
So, we walked into Slice on Sansom between 17th and 18th near Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square and we ordered the basic pie.
We were hungry. Very hungry.
And what we got was a truly great pizza -- fragrant, well-cooked (just the way we asked for it) fresh and scrumptious.
The crust was crispy and crackly. The tomato covering was tasty without being overwhelming. And the cheese was consistent with the whole. It didn't pull or separate from the pie. It was perfect.
And here's the thing: The sauce wasn't immeshed in oil and neither the plate nor the pan sported a residue of grease after we finished our pie.
And you bet we did finish it. All of it!
When you have a pie this good, you don't need toppings - though Slice offers plenty of them if that's what you want.
It's a relatively small place. It's not fancy. But it's clean and bright and cozy.
And it has the pizza that you've been looking for -- at this location and also near the Italian Market in South Philly and in Washington Township in South Jersey.
You're gonna love it!

The actual pizza [almost] as served. We would have shown you the whole pie but we
couldn't wait to start eating it.

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