Sunday, July 21, 2013

How 'Children Of Privilege' Play The Race Card

Matt Rooney is one of New Jersey's brightest new political stars and his Save Jersey Blog is a must-read.
Here are his cogent observations from his blog right now:

Cory Booker did his best to contribute to this past week’s artificially-generated Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman verdict hysteria, Save Jerseyans. Very helpful! He even took the time to visit CNN (because it’s not like there’s anything going on in Newark) so that he could slobber all lover President Obama’s post-verdict presser:

Hmmm… to which experiences are you referring, Cory? Your childhood makes mine — and those of most Save Jersey readers — resemble something out of Oliver Twist…
For those who don’t know much about Newark’s mayor part-time tweeter before he took on Sharpe James, Booker grew up in the upper middle class bedroom community of Harrington Park where the median household income is $115,875. His father, Cary Alfred Booker, was one of IBM’s first black executives. His privileged upbringing (combined with some hard work in the library, of course) led to an undergraduate degree from Stanford, a Rhodes Scholarship through Oxford and a juris doctorate from Yale.
Unlike the Mayor and his party, I would never begrudge anyone else’s success or good fortune provided it’s not the product of criminality. That’s the conservative difference. But let’s be honest: America’s been pretty damn good to Cory Booker, Save Jerseyans, as it’s been to President Obama whose background wasn’t half as pleasant as Mayor Booker’s early years. Unfortunately for everyone within earshot of this font of demagoguery, good fortune doesn’t necessarily lend itself to fostering gratitude.
The charismatic young man from Harrington Park who’s never run a business (and whose closest brush with poverty was living on food stamps and videotapping it for a week) can somehow go on television with a straight face and clear conscience to speak of his country as if it hasn’t advanced sociologically beyond the 1950s.
He’s right in one respect: for the millions of black youths who languish in a failed education monopoly defended by Democrats and their union allies, Newark included, our cities are in WORSE shape and far more segregated than they were 60+ years ago. The question CNN’s anchor should’ve asked during the interview posted above is what Mayor Booker is doing to address the last great vestige of government-enforced inequality other than talk about it… when there isn’t an ongoing Democrat primary…
Put another way: why don’t Cory Booker and Barack Obama believe other minority children should deserve the privileges which they enjoyed?- See more at:

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