Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Christie Video: 'My Position On Obamacare Is Clear'

Governor Christie, today: Listen, you know, not for me to judge. I know what I’m going to do here in New Jersey and that is we’ll continue to enforce and comply the law in the way that we think is appropriate for the people of New Jersey. 
So we’ve made the choice to expand the Medicaid program to cover more New Jerseyan’s and get them more healthcare coverage in partnership with the federal government. On the other hand, we’re not going to do state-based exchanges because the federal government won’t tell us what the rules are, won’t put us in control and won’t tell us what the cost is going to be. 
Well, as governor if you’re going to ask me to run a program that I have no control over and I have to pay for, I think it’s pretty bad deal for my taxpayers. So in the times that the government is making the right decision, we’ll work with them and in times when they won’t, they won’t. But as to the games they play down in Washington DC and all the threats and the yelling back and forth, that’s what people are sick and tired of and what they’d really like is to see people get things done in Washington DC. 
So as to the specifics of that stuff that’s for our folks in Washington. You can talk to Senator Menendez or Senator Chiesa, ask them what they think.

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