Monday, July 22, 2013

Christie Video: 'I Won't Rest Till This Is Done!'

News Conference in Brick. July 22, 2013. (Transcript Below)

Governor Christie: I've met some homeowners who have complained to me. They've said you know, we see these advertisements on the television saying we're stronger than the storm. We see people on TV saying come back to the Jersey Shore but my home is not back. I'm not taken care of. How can you say that? 
Listen everybody we've got to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. If we don't talk about the good things that are happening in our state in order to draw more people back, tourists back to this area, they may never come back. 
Because if they go someplace else for vacation and they have a good time, more likely than not they're going to go back the next year and the next year to that same different place. And so understand that when we do the advertising that we've done and we say we're stronger than the storm and we want people to come back, it is not out of any disrespect for those people who are still suffering in fact I would say it's just the opposite. It's because we want to rebuild what you had and make it better. 
And if we don't start now, we may miss the chance. So please don't think that when I keep encouraging people to come back to the Shore that I mean everything is better. Sometimes I get comments from people, face to face, sometimes I get Twitter messages from people who are upset about that. I want to say and will continue to say over and over again, I won't rest until everybody who wants to be back in their home is back in their home. 
That doesn't mean it's going to get done tomorrow but it's going to mean that we're going to keep plugging away together and get it done together.

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