Friday, July 26, 2013

Video: Huge Crowds Greet Pope Francis In Rio

He attracts larger crowds than any rock star anywhere.

He pulls in bigger audiences than any national or world leaders anywhere.

More than a million are gathering in Argentina to see and hear Pope Francis.

Even with all the troubles that the Catholic Church has experienced in recent years, they still come. 
In fact, attendance is larger than ever.
They come to see, to experience, to pray, to worship, to celebrate the mass with the Pope.

They are there because, beyond all the temporal pleasures and entertainments of this world, they are thirsting for something more -- something deeper, more meaningful. And many are also there because they are hurt, wounded, damaged or confused. And they seek peace and solace and the road to recovery, dignity and some semblance of contentment.

And the Pope understands that.

He understands all of it.

He knows.

Here, the Pope visited a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, that helps recovering drug addicts. Upon arrival to the St. Francis of Assisi Hospital, where he inaugurated a new facility wing, large crowds welcomed him with songs and cheers. 

Despite the rainy weather, they braved the elements to greet Pope Francis in person. As he walked to the hospital, the Pope took some time to greet and bless the crowds.

Everywhere he goes, this Pope reaches out in love, in faith, in charity.

And he's clearly making a huge difference.

He's reinvigorating the Church and bringing joy to millions.

That's something no world leader or superstar can ever do.

Viva il Papa!

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