Saturday, July 20, 2013

Obama On Martin And The Sorry State Of 'Leadership'

Regarding President Obama's comments yesterday on the Trayvon Martin verdict:
Do you remember how Obama said race was the one subject he'd hope he'd never have to discuss? Do you remember how he said it over and over? Now, he seems to talk about nothing else -- interjecting it in subtle and not-so-subtle ways into everything. While he tells politicians to "butt out" of the conversation, he himself can't seem to stop talking about it, using it, twisting it, wedging it and, yes . . . baiting. All we can say now is: What a joke!
And this too: The President has now joined the chorus that's urging us to do some "soul searching."
Soul searching for what, exactly.
You know, sometimes, it seems like as far as Lib/Dems are concerned, if you don't agree with them, your "soul-searching" is never done -- NEVER! And it appears that you are never finished repaying in one way of another. It seems that years, decades, even centuries can pass and yet it remains YOUR fault and you must dig deep into your soul or psyche or whatever (not to mention your wallets) and cede more and more to their twisted, divisive view of the world. Maybe it's time to simply say "Enough!"

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