Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Devon Horse Show Scores Social Media Triumph!

You Do The Math! 
The 2014 Devon Horse Show & Country Fair Receives Record Highs for Facebook, USEF Network Views & Website Views! 
At 118 years young, the Devon Horse Show & Country Fair is still continuing to grow and improve everyday, while keeping those prestigious Devon traditions alive! Most would agree that many people truly love everything that makes Devon the one and only Devon Horse Show & Country Fair; just how far does the love for Devon reach?

This year's feedback from our social media sites, the USEF Network Live Broadcast and the Devon website analytics gave a whole new perspective to how many people love and support the Devon Horse Show & Country Fair!


The Devon Horse Show & Country Fair's Facebook received a total reach report, for the period of May 22-June 1, 2014, that showed an increase of 150% from the 2013 show report! "Total reach," refers to the number of people who interacted, through likes, comments, shares and views, with the Facebook page, for a specific period of time. 

The total reach from May 22, 2014 - June 1, 2014 was 1,826,652, over 150% increase from the 2013 Devon Horse Show & Country Fair total reach of 730,520. 


This year, the USEF Network returned to the Devon Horse Show & Country Fair to stream live broadcasts from the Dixon Oval. This allowed viewers to see the show live from anywhere in the World. Like this year's Facebook numbers, the USEF Network live broadcast numbers were just as impressive! 

From May 22, 2014 - June 5, 2014, viewers Worldwide were able visit the USEF Network website to watch Live & On-Demand streaming of the Devon Horse Show & Country Fair.

Total Video plays: 134,026
  • Live Stream only video plays: 99,016
  • On Demand only video plays: 35,010
  • Page Views: 409,889

USEF Network reported a 230% growth from the 2013 Live Stream only plays (30,007 live stream only video plays) with the 2014 Live Stream only video plays (99,016 live stream only video plays)! 

Special thanks to the USEF Network for returning to Devon to broadcast the 2014 Devon Horse Show & Country Fair!


The Devon Horse Show & Country Fair website received a great analytical report after the conclusion of the show. When compared to the 2013 report, even the website showed evidence that interest for Devon had grown within the United States and to many other countries. 
Website Analytics

Website Analytics
Website Analytics 

From a town gathering to display the working skills and qualities of the local horses to an 11 day show that receives Worldwide acknowledgement, Devon's evolution is one of a kind.

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Thanks for supporting Devon!

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