Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ten Summer Trends We Love . . .

Here they are, in no particular order.

1) Small town parades, festivals and farmers' markets. Small towns are back in a back way. And nothing spells summer in America like small town gatherings.

2) Polka dots. They're everywhere again this summer and they look great!

3) City-wide art installations. From pianos in New York City to cows in Chicago these have proved to be a great, big, colorful, engaging idea.

4) Free family movie nights under the stars. They're popping up in parks and town squares from coast-to-coast and they're wonderfully easy to enjoy.

5) Stripes. Colorful stripes (mostly horizontal) prove the late Diana Vreeland's maxim: "The eye has to travel."

6) The return of 1940's-style swimsuits for gals. Turns out one-piece bathing suits (or two-piece suits that look like one piece) really are sexier!

7) Star-gazing. Get out away from the city lights and look upward. Is there anything more beautiful on a summer night?

8) Superbright, near-neon colors. These aren't those cheap-looking 1970s neons. These are truer, fresher, richer-looking. They give summer its zing.

9) The return of shorter shorts for men. It's time to put those baggy, cumbersome, awful man bloomers away and real genuine shorts, guys. Cargo shorts? No way!

10) Assigned sumer reading. We regret that it's assigned but kids MUST read -- even more so in the summer. Make sure they read!

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