Friday, June 26, 2015

ACU Sees Threat To Religious Freedom

Following is a statement from Matt Schlapp, Chair of the American Conservative Union:

“The American people have received two devastating rulings from a Supreme Court that has become unhinged from its purpose. As with other catastrophic decisions, this Court is attempting to resolve through judicial fiat questions appropriately belonging in the hands of the American people. That is the opposite of what our Founders envisioned.

“The Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts has dramatically re-imagined the role of our Judiciary and has empowered the Court to behave as unelected legislators without term limits.

“It should come as no surprise given yesterday’s tragic dismantling of a government of, for, and by the People, that the Roberts Court has moved us farther in the direction of using the Judiciary to serve political ends by disregarding the notion of constitutionality in today’s decision. Sadly, one consequence of this overreach will undoubtedly be growing resentment and rancor around these issues. As in the Roe vs. Wade decision concerning abortion, usurping the will of the people does not resolve conflict, it only extends it.

“The 1st Amendment clearly states that Religious Liberties are protected. However, President Obama and the liberals ignore this protection and seek to dictate what are ‘appropriate’ tenets of faith. Today’s opinion creates the Church of the Supreme Court, with President Obama serving as its High Priest.

“If America is strong enough to live under this decision, then it should be strong enough to protect the rights of sincere and decent people of faith, whose rights are sadly forgotten.”

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