Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Donald Trump: Don't Dismiss Him So Lightly

Okay, so  Donald Trump is running for president.
And some people are making jokes about it. They're saying that Donald Trump is a fool -- an old fool.
Hey, Donald Trump is an easy target. He's been threatening to run for president for so long that some people simply stopped taking him seriously. And the media and the self-appointed "intelligentsia" on the coasts and (we suppose) all of academia think Trump is just so much grist for the mill.
But think about this: People make fun of Trump because, though they'll probably never admit it, they resent him. They're put off by him because they wish they had his money, his notoriety, his lifestyle and his success. They're jealous.
Yes, Donald Trump has a big ego -- a very big ego. He's quite fond of himself and he'd be the first one to tel you that he's very, very successful.
But, do you know any politicians who don't have a big ego? Do you know any who don't think they're special? Do you know any who don't like to talk about themselves? Do you know any who don't think they're successful? Do you?
Now, here's a better question: Do you know any politicians who've been self-made business successes at the level of Donald Trump? Do you know any who've done even half as good a job at branding themselves as Trump has? We doubt it.
Donald Trump ain't no fool. He's a very smart operator; a very shrewd deal-maker and a hugely successful global entity. He has a knack for getting what he wants and what he wants often proves to be highly marketable. Which is to say, on top of everything else he's an extraordinary salesman.
To be sure, we're not endorsing Donald Trump here.
But, we are saying this: You ridicule Donald Trump at your own peril.
Do not underestimate this man.

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