Thursday, June 25, 2015

Foundation Says SCOTUS Usurps Power

The Independence Hall Foundation condemns today's 6-3 ObamaCare ruling in King v. Burwell written by Chief Justice John Roberts.

"The Court should not be, in essence, rewriting laws passed by Congress.  In this instance, the law clearly stipulates that individuals who sign up for ObamaCare through a federal exchange are not entitled to federal subsidies," said Foundation spokeswoman Teri Adams.

"The reason the law was written that way was to force states to setup exchanges.  When that failed, the Obama Administration realized the law would fail.  So the Internal Revenue Service, in effect, changed the law to allow the granting of subsidies to those using the federal exchange without first seeking Congressional approval.  

"The IRS rewrote the law and the Court upheld their actions," said Ms. Adams.

"Only Congress has the power to change a law--not the courts or a 
bureaucratic arm of the Administration--in this case the IRS."

"The law of the land is no longer the United States Constitution and the power it grants to Congress to pass laws.   It is the will of the Supreme Court.

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