Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Why Is A 'Catholic' Group Hosting Abortion Enabler?

Here is an e-mail that I just sent to Jeffrey Tieman, Chief of Staff of the Catholic Health Association of America. I urge you to e-mail Jeffrey (jtieman@chausa.org) as well!

Maybe I’m missing something but I simply cannot understand why an organization called the Catholic Health Association would welcome a lifelong abortion advocate like Barack Obama as its speaker for its 100th anniversary. 
In the Illinois senate, Barack Obama voted against a bill that would have given basic medical care to infants born alive after failed abortions. He also voted against a bill that required parents to be notified before a minor has an abortion.
Furthermore, Obama has always supported partial birth abortion - a grisly procedure that sucks out the brains of babies that are often mere weeks away from natural birth. In 2012, Obama opposed a bill that would have outlawed abortions that occur simply because the baby is the “wrong” sex. And, in 2011 Barack Obama threatened to veto the entire federal budget rather than cut funding to the huge abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.
Beyond all this, through the ACA Obama and his cohorts are ripping away the fundamental religious liberties that have defined our nation.
Jeffrey, welcoming Barack Obama and giving him a platform today is sending all the wrong messages - morally wrong, practically wrong, politically wrong, fundamentally wrong!
I can only imagine the ache in the blessed heart of Saint Teresa of Calcutta as she looks down upon this today.
How sad!

Daniel Cirucci

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