Monday, June 8, 2015

Please, Please, Don't Ever Call It 'Courage'!

From an incisive column in The Weekly Standard which we not only commend but also feel compelled to share with you:
The likes of Lady Gaga and Ellen DeGeneres saluted her bravery. She set land-speed records on Twitter, where her new Caitlyn account garnered a million followers in four hours, breaking Barack Obama’s old record, though he too tweeted, “It takes courage to share your story.” Just how much courage it takes in Transjennered America is a matter of debate. When your coming out is met with a two-hour ABC special and a 22-page cover spread in Vanity Fair, the leader of the free world is tweeting attagirls, Estée Lauder is considering endorsement deals, your first public outing will be to accept the Arthur Ashe Courage Award from ESPN, all to be followed by another reality show (sorry, a “docu-series”) called I Am Cait—well, call it courage if you must, but this definitely ain’t your grandfather’s Battle of the Bulge.
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