Friday, May 25, 2018

A Forbidding World Of NO, No, No, And NO!


Recently I found myself confronted with a world full of forbidding rules at a local PATCO station. Everywhere I turned there were a variety of signs telling me what I could not do. It was a real hodpodge, to say the least -- and not very welcoming at that. And what I'm showing you above represents just some of the signs that I saw.

Here's a helpful little suggestion for the PATCO transit line: Why not try posting a "Code of Conduct" that lists just that for all passengers? Put it all together in one place and present it in a helpful, welcoming way that encourages PATCO users to embrace the rules and the proper conduct without being so authoritarian and so seemingly menacing. Wouldn't that be better?

Oh, and one more thing -- try using the word "Please".

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