Friday, May 11, 2018

The Really Big 'WHAT IF . . .' Looming!

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Here’s an interesting Friday thought experiment:  

What if November 2018 turns out to be another shock election like 2016? 

What if... the predicted 2018 Democrat “blue wave” landslide turns into a red wave instead?  

The media is already making predictions. Republicans are “destined” to lose the House... and maybe the Senate. Nancy Pelosi will take back the gavel. Impeachment hearings could begin as early as next year...  

History suggests midterm elections are nearly always bad for the party holding the White House. Democratic enthusiasm is indeed strong. And an unusual number of retirements and special election results also suggest Republicans could be in trouble.  


What if...  

Don’t get me wrong. I can’t predict the future. And politics can change on a dime. 

But let’s not forget how much the media has been dead wrong for three straight years. So why should we believe them now? Our smug elite still haven’t figured out why Donald Trump won. In fact, many still delude themselves, blaming Russia, Comey, racism, voter stupidity and more...  

WOW: President Trump held a rally last night in Elkhart, Indiana. This is a blue-collar town surrounded by farmland. The rally was scheduled to start at 7 pm. Yet people began lining up at 9 in the morning! Lines stretched down the street and around the block. Large numbers of people were turned away.  

This happened in Indiana.  

Where a critical Senate race will be decided in November.  

Consider this: 

  • President Trump welcomed home three American hostagesfrom North Korea early Thursday morning. This is a huge victory for America, while a historic peace accord with North Korea remains a real possibility.

  • Just this week, five top leaders in ISIS were captured. This bloodthirsty terrorist group once had major strongholds in the Middle East, but President Trump and Defense Secretary Mattis have reduced the size of their territory by 98%.

  • But for most Americans, the best news is on the economy. The tax cuts passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump have been an immediate hit. Wage growth has ticked up 2.9% -- the best pace since June 2009. And companies across the country are admitting that the growing economy and the tight labor market are forcing them to pay workers more.

  • The unemployment rate has fallen to 3.9% -- the lowest since 2000. And get this: Black and Hispanic unemployment are both at record lows. The USA now has the highest number of job openings in our history... according to CNN!

  • The same CNN poll showed 57% of people believe “things are going well in America today” -- the highest in over a decade.

These great headlines make me wonder… Maybe the media is getting it all wrong again. Maybe the so-called “blue wave” is not inevitable after all.  

CONSIDER: President Trump’s approval rating was stuck in the 30s for most of the last year. But it’s now hovering near 50% and climbing...and when voters are asked if they’d prefer a generic Democrat or Republican in Congress, Republicans have closed a 13 point deficit to just 3 points -- within the margin of error.  

Furthermore, elections held this week featured strong Republican turnout. So apparently Democrats aren’t the only ones enthusiastic this year.  

Finally, the Senate map for Democrats in November is downright brutal. As we’ve explained, Democrats are defending 10 states won by President Trump. Even Florida, once written off as a loser for Republicans, is now considered a toss-up.  

What does this mean? Our aim to secure a pro-life majority in the Senate is not just a nice goal.

It’s a real possibility.  

Brian Birch, President

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