Thursday, May 2, 2019

Banned By Those Who Live In 'Echo Chamber'

Excerpts from a beautiful column in The Aiken Standard written by Jack Devine:

Erasing Kate Smith is just one more step in the relentless progressive march to purge our nation’s history of anything that does not comport with today’s preferred ideology. It’s a page right out of 1984, George Orwell’s landmark – and chilling – novel. If the self-appointed guardians of public virtue have their way, our next generation will have no idea who Kate Smith was; and maybe no one will ever again have to sit through that sappy old God Bless America tune. . . . .

Kate Smith was an American icon, a performer whose inspirational singing raised spirits across a nation savaged by two world wars and the great depression. She was a patriot in action as well as artistry; she traveled the country tirelessly during World War II raising the 2019 equivalent of over $10 billion in war bonds. She and her stirring rendition of the Irving Berlin masterpiece "God Bless America" have for ages been beloved by returning veterans.

Today’s arbiters of Smith’s racial sensitivity in the 1930s are hardly courageous change agents; they live in their own echo chambers surrounded by like-minded views and voices; yet they arrogantly condemn people who generations ago simply followed the mores of their own contemporaries.

Smith’s specialty – unabashedly patriotic American music – is a far cry from the obscenity-laced pulsing noise that passes as music these days, and which our ever-vigilant PC police seem to think is just fine.

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